Designed to simplify the monthly task of telephone cost containment. One Bill for All Services.

Each month, at no extra cost, you will receive a five-page summary of your telecommunications services.  All F I B E R N E T Services, including Equal Access Service, SPECTRUM Dedicated T-1 Service, Toll Free Service, Digital Data Services, Wireless Pacific Bell Digital PCS and Paging services are all combined on one easy to read monthly management report.

The report consists of:

1. Cover letter with news about your account, FIBERNET's services,
    and the telecommunications industry.

2.  Current Month Traffic Distribution Graph

Makes it easy to see your calling patterns.
Your calling pattern for the current month is summarized on one page with a clear bar-graph.
In addition, a table shows the percentage of calls to each destination region.

3.  Twelve Month Summary and Graph for Cost, Minutes, and Number of Calls

This unique report, available only from F I B E R N E T, shows you your telecommunications costs and activity for an entire year at a glance, from the current month back one year. Costs are summarized for outgoing calls, incoming 800 calls, F I B E R N E T Travel card usage as well as
F I B E R N E T Wireless PCS and paging service. In addition, recurring monthly charges, if any, are shown, as well as taxes and late charges, if any. Payments credited to your account each month are also shown, as well as any credits issued.

At a glance, all of your F I B E R N E T telecommunications expenditures are shown for the entire year.

If you have more than one location billed on your F I B E R N E T account,
you also receive a Corporate Summary

This report lists a summary of all charges, minutes and number of calls for all your locations, sorted in the order you desire.  You can sort the locations alphabetically by name, by city or by your own location number, for exampl.e

Other standard reports included with your monthly call detail are reports of:


Paperless Billing - Call Records on Diskette
At no additional cost, we will provide your bill on diskette.
Your summary pages and reports will still be printed on paper for easy reference.
The benefits for you are the ability to search though the bill quickly, import call detail into Lotus, Excel or any database program, and create your own custom reports.
Paperless Billing is also good for the environment! 

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Or you may call toll-free: 1.800.401.0350