Incoming services with Fiber Optic reliability.

F I B E R N E T offers toll free services to fulfill your customer service requirements nationwide.

The Federal Communications Commission has ruled that your existing 800 numbers became portable in the summer of 1993.  This means that you may retain your valuable 800 number identity and still benefit from F I B E R N E T's telemanagement expertise.

F I B E R N E T does not charge a monthly fee for toll free numbers.

Toll free services can be provided on Equal Access Service; your 800/888 number will ring on a local phone number of your choice so additional lines are not needed.

Toll free service can also be provided on SPECTRUM Dedicated T-1 Service at lower rates than
those for Equal Access Service..

With SPECTRUM service, additional features are available, such as:

DNIS - Dialed Number Identification Service
Allows a single T-1 to handle incoming 800 and
outgoing services without having to limit capacity.

ANI - Automatic Number Identification
The F I B E R N E T network will send your telephone system the phone number of the person calling. This can benefit your business in service and telemarketing applications to allow your telephone system to route each incoming call to agents or service departments  

CUSTOM NUMBERS - For Enhanced Corporate Identity

Our customers have been provided with numbers that
are instantly recognizable, such as 800-440-SELL !

Unlike many carriers, F I B E R N E T does not charge a special fee
to search for these Custom Numbers.


Contact us for more information:

Or you may call toll-free: 1.800.401.0350