1-hour Emergency response, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year..

None of F I B E R N E T's services would have value without responsive support when problems arise.

Our Customer Service Engineers are not just clerks in a huge call center somewhere.

They are experienced telecommunications professionals with at least 3 year's experience in the field installing and servicing telephone systems. This unique approach ensures that when a problem arises you will be speaking with someone who has been in the "real world". We also won't point the finger at "the other guy!"

F I B E R N E T believes in taking responsibility for coordinating all participants required to resolve a problem, whether the fault lies in our network, the local phone company, or your telephone equipment.

F I B E R N E T can support most major telephone systems, even if they have been installed by others. If you are confident in your present service provider, F I B E R N E T can act as a single point of contact to ensure that problems are corrected, wherever the fault lies.

F I B E R N E T guarantees 1-hour response when an emergency situation strikes your telecommunications system. We will initiate the dispatch of service personnel as required; our own or your desired service provider's.

And we will follow up to ensure that you know the problem has been fixed.  

Contact us for more information:

Or you may call toll-free: 1.800.401.0350