An easy to use travel card at significant savings.

F I B E R N E T travel cards allow busy people to benefit from the quality and lower cost of the
F I B E R N E T Digital Network while traveling or at home.

Domestic calls are billed at 20 cents a minute
6 second minimum - 6 second increments.

With F I B E R N E T, there is no initial service charge per call.
AT&T and most other carriers charge up to $.85 per call, plus operator assisted rates, and a one-minute minimum for their calling cards.  This can mean a two-minute call can cost over $2.00.

F I B E R N E T only charges you for the time you talk at a low $.20 per minute.

Easy Access from any phone.
Using a FiberLink card is simple. Dial 1-800-991-0350 and then enter your Personal Travel Code, which is normally your 7-digit phone number, plus a 4 digit PIN number which YOU CHOOSE.
 Then just dial 1, the area code and phone number.

800 access offers several advantages over the traditional 0+ calling card:

When you call with a 0+ card, you are forced to use the long distance carrier associated with the pay phone or telephone line you are using. The calls appear on your local phone bill as charges from OAN, Operator Networks or one of hundreds of operator services companies. These calls are billed in full one-minute increments at very high rates..

With a 0+ card, the only way to force the call over your desired carrier is to add the carrier's 10XXX code before dialing the 0. This makes it necessary to dial a total of 30 digits when using a 0+ card !.

With 800 access only 3 more digits are necessary to gain the benefits of FiberLink. Most carriers including AT&T are now offering 800 access for their calling cards, so using FiberLink is the same as AT&T but WITHOUT THE SURCHARGES.

Still not convinced? Look at this example comparing an AT&T card to a FiberLink card to call the number 212-555-3000

The AT&T calling card number is 246 9123 4556. The FiberLink Travel Code and PIN are 55560001234.

AT&T:         1800CALLATT2469123455612125553000 33 DIGITS

FiberLink     180099103505556000123412125553000 33 DIGITS


* Many travel cards require redialing many digits for each call.

FiberLink Travel cards allow multiple calls using the standard "#" feature.

* With a 0+ card, many pay phones and hotels block access to other long distance carriers.

FiberLink 800 access is universally available.

You may even use FiberLink service from your cellular telephone.

* Most hotels add a surcharge onto 0+ calls, in addition to the high rates charged by their selected carrier.

FiberLink 800 access is usually free from most hotels.

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