3.9 cents per minute interstate

out or in, no monthly fee

$250 monthly minimum applies - credit card billing

Standard Equal Access rate: 4.9 cents per minute

T1 rates start at 2.9 cents per minute
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F I B E R N E T simplifies your business by offering the full spectrum of services, from long distance to DSL and high speed data networks.

In the last decade, business owners have had to learn a whole new vocabulary:
                    You used to say PHONE, now you say PBX, KSU, LEC, IVR, and CTI.

Now, you have a different vendor for each piece of the puzzle, and none of them wants to take responsibility for resolving a problem.

So who ends up spending time figuring it all out? YOU DO.

F I B E R N E T can change all of that by giving you the ability to entrust one company with complete responsibility for planning, implementing, and supporting all of your telecommunications services. You can choose to use F I B E R N E T's own engineering staff or we can coordinate with your existing service provider.

With over 20 years of experience in providing responsive telecommunications services,
F I B E R N E T can save your company time and money by keeping an eye on all aspects of your telecommunications system.

And the convenience of one bill for all of the services you choose.

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Or you may call toll-free: 1.800.401.0350

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